Education Philosophy

Sangeeth Peruri Kids

1. Put our Children First

In every decision we make we must ask ourselves: "How will this help our kids?"

2. Prepare Children to Adapt to a Changing World

The best way to prepare our children for the future is to teach them to crave challenge and not fear failure.

3. Excellent Teachers and Principals make Excellent Schools

We need to continue to invest in our teachers and principals. Highly trained and motivated teachers and administrators are the foundation of a strong school.

4. Consider Everyone's Perspective

Every decision that the board makes affects teachers, students, parents and the community. We must consider the perspective of everyone involved.

5. Experiment and Innovate

In order to execute on LASD's vision to Revolutionize Learning, we should continue to experiment and pilot innovative programs to develop a well-rounded curriculum that will enhance the education of our students.