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I am Running for LASD School Board to: 

  • Enable LASD to reach new levels of excellence through innovation
  • Leverage my educational and leadership experience

  • Find a permanent solution for the BCS/LASD dispute

  • Promote our successful model of exceptional neighborhood schools

A strong education is the single best investment we can make in our kids. I am running for the LASD Board of Trustees to actively support LASD in fostering a K-8 academic experience that is not only world class, but also transformative and innovative.  I want to preserve what we have and make it even better.  

Since my son started at LASD, I have spent countless hours volunteering not only at my neighboring LASD school, but at numerous levels across the district as well.  I hit the ground running by signing up to chair Covington’s largest fundraiser, the annual auction, even before my son’s first day of school.  As chair, I put in place new online software that streamlined the process and reduced costs and time spent, while breaking all prior fundraising records.  Many of these improvements are now being implemented in other schools in the district.

After the auction, I changed my focus to working in the classroom and across the district.  I volunteer regularly in my son's class as well as other classes and grades at Covington.  Outside the classroom, I have been working on understanding and improving the curriculum in the district.  I introduced and helped pilot Brainology, a blended learning program, at Covington that develops persistence and tenacity in children.  I am now working on taking the insights from the pilot to benefit the rest of the district.  Furthermore, I have been researching ways to expand foreign language instruction to the elementary schools, testing new technologies to aid in the common core math curriculum and devising ways to improve after-school enrichment offerings across the district. 

My passion is the future. As an LASD board member, I would contribute my time, insight and energy to experiment and improve upon the already outstanding curriculum at LASD. This betterment and growth requires innovative thinking and collaboration. My message is simple. Through empathy and understanding comes progress. By learning and understanding the perspectives of all members of our community – parents, students, teachers, administrators and neighbors - my hope is to move us forward by creating a bridge to success.   


Sangeeth Peruri for Los Altos School Board 2014                                                                    

FPPC: 1363394                                                Candidate - Sangeeth Peruri ( 

1001 Parma Way                                             Campaign Manager - Jessica Speiser (

Los Altos, CA 94024                                       Treasurer - Bob Grimm (

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